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Short & Long Term Disability

You are disabled. We Can Help You.

Many Ontario workers will become disabled before reaching the age of 65. Many of these workers will be entitled to Short and/or Long Term Disability Insurance benefits provided by their private insurance carriers.  Unfortunately, many disabled workers are denied despite the severity of their disability. If you are disabled over a long period of time, your insurance company should pay you the benefits due. Unfortunately it is not that simple and that is where D&R Disability Legal Services can assist you. We have an in-house lawyer to assist you with the litigation for these claims/applications. 

You may have some questions that we can help you with:

  • What type of disability coverage do I have?
  • How do I find out if I am eligible for any disability benefits?
  • What if my claim for benefits is denied?

Please book a complimentary consultation service today to answer the above and any other inquiries you may have.

Hearings and Tribunals

Industry Leading Knowledge and Experience

If you've been denied, don't make the common mistake of appealing without representation or any irresponsible representative who you feel did not do much for the previous hearing. For many, this is the absolute last chance to have their case heard by a new and unbiased Independent Panel or Vice Chair. Many people or representatives have already made errors in their files which have resulted in denials. Let us find and correct these inconsistencies, then prepare your last Independent Appeal for you.

D & R Disability legal Services go above and beyond the typical Consulting Service Providers by offering Representation Services to our clients; we educate them on all appeal procedures to eliminate any surprises or nervousness by having very lengthy meetings with our clients prior to their hearings. Our experience indicates that beneficiaries achieve maximum compensation when we attend Appeals and Tribunals Hearings.

When you retain D & R Disability Legal Services to represent you, you have to stop worrying. We do the worrying for you. Your job is to get better and relax. Our consultants /paralegals are experts and our presentation at Hearings and Tribunals is highly polished and well prepared.

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Our Services:


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