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D & R Disability Legal Services

D & R Disability Legal Services

Our team has unmatched industry experience. WSIB, WSIAT, CPP Disability, Social Security Tribunal, ODSP, Social Benefits Tribunal and other government departments have come to recognize us as an industry leader. Our legal representatives are highly skilled and trained, and are licensed under the Law Society of Upper Canada.


Steps you should take following a workplace injury:

Workplace Injury

* Report the injury to your employer.
* Get immediate medical treatment and report it as a WSIB injury at an emergency room, a walk-in clinic or your family doctor.
* Obtain the name, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses.
* Complete a Form 6. 
* Hire a lawyer. When hiring a representative be sure to ask if they are licensed by the Law Society!
* Keep a journal of all your symptoms, medical appointments, tests and surgeries.
* Maintain a list of all the medication you must take.
* Keep in contact with your employer regarding modified duties. You have a duty to cooperate.
* Keep a diary of the conversations you have with your employer and the WSIB.
* If the accident employer doesn’t have modified work, look for work and keep a list of your efforts.
* Cooperate with your employer and the WSIB.
* Have all Functional Abilities Forms completed within 1 week. 
* Appeal all decisions within the time limits set out by the WSIB.
If you or your loved one has experienced a work related injury and want a Licensed Legal Representative to evaluate the WSIB benefits you may be entitled to: Please Call us for your FREE Case Evaluation.

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